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ListenUp.03: Marauder_Elite Mix + 3 NEW BONUS TRACKS 
7th-Mar-2008 10:32 am
Lost - Faraday SMRT

01. i ♥ marauder_elite
Marauder_Elite is one of the best internet activities I've ever been a part of, thus totally justifying the geekiness of this musical selection. We're a Marauder-era Harry Potter roleplaying game of awesome proportions and I joined up immediately after being accepted into Hogwarts_Elite, at which time I was asked to play Lily Evans. Eventually I nabbed Darren Avery, as well, so I could play with the awesome Death Eater plot bunnies we have going on. These roleplayers? The best ever.

Last Christmas we had a Marauder_Elite exchange. We all sent little things to one another and most people included a mixed CD for either the character of the recipient or an overall soundtrack for the game. This one is mine.

I've also added 3 bonus tracks for those who got the CD at Christmas :) Enjoy the first mix I've ever posted anywhere!

02. ℞ for awesomesauce
The songs on the CD are actually all pretty different, so I'll bullet-point the songs and break them down individually. First, however, I'll insert links to the covers I made. The OotP side is here and the Death Eater side is here. I only used pictures (overall) of who was active at the time, or who was getting a copy.

There are 18 songs in total and I gave each one an association to the game. Download The Album:
  1. The Twilight Singers, "Teenage Wristband": The Resistance. I liked the idea of starting off the mix with an hopeful song, something energetic that shows the energy and outlook of the people resisting the Death Eaters. Too bad most of them die.
  2. Third Eye Blind, "Wounded": Victims Left Over. A lot of people are going to die in this game and a lot of deaths have already started adversely effecting the characters. I love Third Eye Blind, and even though this is a song about assault I think it hits kind of close to home.
  3. Ultra Nate, "Free": Our Doc (Run). Be warned, this mp3 cuts off abruptly near the end in the middle of the fade-out (bad mp3). Well, I am first and foremost Lily's player and Caradoc was one of her good friends. Of course I had to have a song on there about him, who always took morning runs (and whom she hopes ran instead of getting killed in the face by the Death Eaters, as he disappears eventually).
  4. bloodWIRE, "Boardwater": From Lily. This song can apply to so many people in her life - Petunia, Severus, James - that I had to throw it in there. Mostly, though, I had Severus in mind since I'm not sure we ever really get over losing our dearest friends.
  5. Santana ft. Everlast, "Put Your Lights On": Snakes and Betrayers. Be warned, this song repeats near the end (bad mp3). About the Slytherins and Pete, obviously. We've got so many awesome, complicated Death Eaters and (now former) Slytherins that they definitely deserved a complicated song.
  6. The Von Bondies, "No Regrets": Brothers of Black. It's for both Sirius and Regulus, as even though both went down their different paths, they did the best they could and never looked back. Even when Reggie sacrifices himself, I doubt he regretted it for an instant.
  7. The Poxy Boggards, "Sonnet To Sundry Notes Of Music": Dodgy Darren. Oh, Darren, my little crazypants Death Eater. Of course I had to have a song for him. The words are a sonnet by Shakespeare and Darren loves writing and being generally...off. Much like this song.
  8. A*Teens, "Take A Chance On Me": The Wedding. "Take A Chance On Me" by ABBA was one of the songs played at Frank and Alice Longbottom's wedding where a fabulous Death Eater fight broke out at. I thought it only fitting to torture everyone with the peppy A*Teens version.
  9. Cake, "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps": Potter, Inc. Lily and James once had a conversation on the top of one of the towers in which Lily had issues admitting she actually loved him. That and her past behavior definitely add up to the sentiment of this song. Poor James.
  10. Cloaks, "Quite Then": Olga In The Middle. We have an original character whose name is, obviously, Olga. She has yet to really find a place in either group and is going to start running information in some way or another. It's really pushing her loyalties because she was a Slytherin herself. Complicated stuff.
  11. Neil Finn, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out": Strangest Of Relationships. This song? Applies to just about every intense relationship in the game (not the forced-to-be-married ones), even the strangest of them. Also, funny side note, I had heard this song with an ex of mine and always appreciated it, then it popped up on an earlier Marauder_Elite soundtrack sent by Maura. Therefore, this song is doubly awesome.
  12. Bran Van 3000, "Everywhere": The Greenhouses. Caradoc, Remus and Lily would spend a lot of time in the Greenhouses back at Hogwarts. This song is for them and the peace and happiness they found <3.
  13. Placebo, "Running Up That Hill": Come In Pairs. I think of this as the pure song for the couples - even if those couples are only friends. Almost everyone in the game has someone they would die for.
  14. Fiona Apple, "Criminal": Bella. Do I really need to explain?
  15. Arctic Monkeys, "D Is For Dangerous": Sirius Throws A Party. There was an excellent end of the year Gryffindor bash that was "Bigger Than God". Sirius throws mean parties in our world.
  16. Dashboard Confessional, "A Plain Morning": Lupin, Alone. This mostly was to be applied to the time after Lily and James are gone and after Sirius is imprisoned. He seems to be the only one left and even now, while everyone is alive, I think he still has those moments.
  17. Interpol, "Evil": Young Killers. These boys started killing at 17, at least. This is for the youngest generation of Death Eaters who are grappling with Issues.
  18. Third Eye Blind, "God of Wine": The Closing Song. Speaks for itself.

03. ♫ listen up ♫
Nineteen by Tegan and Sara. Download (Contains all 3 Bonus songs: Nineteen, 3 Libras and Dancing in a Minefield). Lyrics. All the characters in-game are so young and going through so much - I think this song really gives off that sort of feeling.
I was nineteen, calling
I felt you in my life before I ever thought to
Feel the need to lay down beside you and tell you
"I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you"
And now we're saying bye

3 Libras by A Perfect Circle. Download (Contains all 3 Bonus songs: Nineteen, 3 Libras and Dancing in a Minefield). Lyrics. Another mood song; perfect for the underdogs of the game like Severus, Pete and Athena.
Here I am expecting just a little bit
Too much from the wounded
But I see, see through it all
See through, see you

Dancing in a Minefield by Plushgun. Download (Contains all 3 Bonus songs: Nineteen, 3 Libras and Dancing in a Minefield). Lyrics. This song is pretty fun and still manages to keep it mellow. Also? The main image of the song fits perfectly with my idea of what's going on.
And we were dropping bombs with our sneakers on,
And we were dancing in a minefield with a bottle of Whiskey.
'Cause you can't tell us what to do.
And we were winning the war with a lighter and a peace pipe.

Feel free to join or friend frackingkitten for updates! Let me know if the files need to be updated or if you found something you liked :)

Huge props go out to tunes_daily for introducing me to Tegan and Sara and Plushgun! Go check out the community, they're really fabulous.
8th-Mar-2008 05:43 am (UTC)

Aaaand I'm downloading the mix! :)
8th-Mar-2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Oh thank you for the cover art graphics - I can use them for my coverflow now :)
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