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ListenUp.04: The Kooks 
18th-Apr-2008 03:32 pm
Stock - Girl Is Epic

01. i ♥ kooks
Kookiness is something that I think I naturally attain, so when I heard my first song from The Kooks, I immediately started out on a positive note (har). It was all because of some Twilight Fan Mix, but I didn't hold that against it. The song was "Naive" and I just couldn't get enough of it. After a few months of listening to it on and off, I decided to give their 2006 album Inside In/Inside Out a chance and I'm rather glad I did.

They are a new joy for me, so I will only be posting the mp3s from the one album I have. This is one of those albums where I'm pretty sure I'm going to develop some memories to the music. Maybe not up there with Our Lady Peace or Third Eye Blind, but we'll see. They are very much a guilty pleasure band, despite bot being quite up to snuff with their lyrics.

02. ℞ for awesomesauce
These guys are a like a mix between The Clash and Rooney, which seems strange, but is so, so not. He has the voice of a more lyrical Joe Strummer, able to get scratchy but beautiful when he decides to sing. While their words aren't quite as advanced or quirky as Rooney's (nor are they as intelligent or finger-tingling exciting as The Clash's) they have that beat and quality of sunny, beachy living about them and a certain laid back pop in the music to the point where you can really see the similarities.

UPDATE: I've been listening to the album non stop for the last three days in my car and not only do I hear a watered-down Joe Strummer and the pop of Rooney, I'm hearing songs where if you took out the background instruments and just took the song and sang with an acousting you would have a song almost in the style of Eric Clapton - certain songs, they've even got some reggae going, mostly on the guiars. It's fantastic. They are the Apartment Pants* of bands.

They're also one of those British bands that sing with their accents, which is strange and wonderful to me. I'm genuinely unsure if I would like them as much without the accent and occasionally strange pacing of words.

There are two albums currently out by The Kooks:
  • Inside In/Inside Out: This is the album where all the songs I'll be sharing come from. On the first listen, I felt like it was an okay album. There are a few special songs, but not every single one is mind blowing. It's a gradual thing. With each listen, I am growing to like each song more and more, so who knows how I'll feel about it in a few months. It is definitely music worth listening to, in any case!
  • Konk: Their sophomore album isn't getting terrible reviews, but I have a feeling they haven't made leaps and bounds of improvement. Seeing as how I've never heard a single song from this album, I'd encourage you all to head off to You Tube or to see if you can't find a sample of a few songs somewhere. FanVids are a saving grace for me, sometimes.

*Yes, that was a Friends reference.

03. ♫ listen up ♫
Seaside. Download. Lyrics. "Seaside" is a really laid back song that somehow manages to carry me off to the beach when I hear it. It's lovely - the perfect PCH driving song.
Do you want to go to the seaside?
I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go
I fell in love at the seaside
I handled my charm with time and slight of hand

Naive. Download. Lyrics. Catchiest fucking medium-paced song ever. Listen to it and just enjoy the repetition of verses.
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart
Oh and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly way something so beautiful
Everytime I look inside

Ooh La. Download. Lyrics. I love this song. The chorus is catchy, the way they sing "pretty pretty petticoat" makes me happy in my toes and they even mention Hollywood. Truly a great song.
And don't be a star, it's such a drag
Take care of yourself, don't begin to lag
It's a hard life to live, so live it well
I'll be your friend and not in pretend
I know you girl
In all situations

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Sorry about the lack of updates recently, the last bits of the school year are upon me and everything is rush, rush, rush. Hopefully I can have some icon making time soon.
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