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frackingkitten's Journal

FRACK!ing Kitten Graphics
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frack • interj. Used to express extreme displeasure.
Welcome to Fracking Kitten Graphics, a small community for a few friends who like to muck about in Photoshop. We're still settling in here, so hopefully we can get everything smoothly running by the summer! There are only a few ground rules, which you can generally see at the bottom of each post, or at the bottom of our user info.

Thanks for looking around! :)

All About space_cadet! She is an English major in college who finds she her schedule isn't crammed enough without adding in ridiculous icon challenges to take up more time. She loves animals, Jane Austen and chewing gum in the shower.

All About novangla! She is a Politics and Religion major in college and DJs for WMHC.
She is the coolest ever.
With brass balls.
We Ask That You...
-Credit any icons in one of the two keyword lines when uploading.
-Credit any textures, banners etc. in some sort of Resource list.
-Comment! This is all a learning experience, and it's good to know what people do and do not like.
-Do not hotlink; it costs money that we generally do not have.
-Enjoy! :)

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